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Technology is cool
I'm in to make a change.
The human way.

Leading transformations 
with curiosity

This is me

I'm a lot of things:

Leadership Service Design  Change 
 Product Management  Coaching

 Play   Facilitation Strategy

 User research    Workshops 

 Team excellence  Design Thinking

Future ways of working

Real inspiration and strong execution comes from deep understanding reached through honest curiosity.
And it's just a lot more fun!
#HumanCentredDesign #DesignLeadership

lead with curiosity! 

I have fun and make a difference through sensemaking with and for people. Leadership and future ways of working that empowers and grows people are a passion of mine. With a strong foundation in strategic design I carry out my work with curiosity, vulnerability and impactful challenging guidance. The customer's problems and opportunities are always at the center.

I volunteer to spread the energy and impact of service design across Denmark as a co-founder of the danish chapter of Service Design Network. During business hours I create changes together with my colleagues at Trackunit.

In my spare time play with and learn from my daughters - they keep me grounded and creative! I have on several occasions talked about and hosted events around Design Thinking, Service Design and Digitalisation. Do reach out!

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